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Creative Innovation for World Peace ,ChiangMai!

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Creative Innovation for World Peace !
We were born to persue Perfection !

    The Great Lesson from Tsunami can tell us  to prepare our  Body,Mind and Soul ... What direction we plan to go...
    Let's talk about enhancing our own place to be Creative Innovation for World Peace.  We can manage some corner of our place to share our loving and kindness for 'People helping People Projects'!
    Our Project provide complementary how to survive in the rightconciousness,even from different religions.   World Peace is Universal ,We were born to persue Perfection !
    Education Innovation for World Peace create for People who love to do Living with Care !
    When Material World occure us without knowing when Nuclear will do harmful  human again.  It is better for us to do Prevention for Body,Mind and Soul...
    After the First and the Second World  War ,People had to be suffer from anger,hatre ,and sickness  from nuclear...  These revenge mind causes Black huge spot in Universe...  And it return to appear  in this period  clearer,even Tsunami in Japan, Civil War in Middle East, Earth Quack in Burma and Flooding in the South of Thailand.
   This can show of  how Nature punish  Human acts which  destroyed Nature by Nuclear etc.    It is not only suffering  from these events,but also in the future it will spread to Island countries to be under of water as well.  Only 10 % of  people  at the foreign can survive,but in Thailand there will be 30 % of people will be survive...  Those who are not doing Vipassana will lost concious easier than people who practised  higher level of Vipassana,because they can  understand the truth of life .  And they calm their mind that noone can avoid of sickness,and dealth.  Only high moral people can be survive,especially those who are vegetarian .   At that time ,when it's  the next World War  finish ,the smell of the deaths will spread everywhere,only those who are living in Violet Light at Anuttaratham Center  can survive together,but there will be poison food from nuclear and only holy water in Anuttaratham Center  can  help moral people.  After that Period,People will care more of their behavior than in this material World.
    The aim of this writing is to warn oneself , lovers , relatives,and friends to ' Change our Behavior' to spread more of our loving and kindness to each others than before.
    Hopefully to hear of suggesstion and your Creative ideas to improve this writing as well.
    With  Love & Care,
    Chusri     SRICHUWONG
    Creative Writer
    5/15 Soi  4,
    ChangPuak Road,
    ChiangmAI 50300
    Mobile : 66 (0) 89 7583945

Encourage your own Creative Ideas!
Let's join our Creative Activities for World Peace !

Earth Day 22 April'11 !
Let's Heal the World !

On this home page, I might include some history and background on our Earth, such as what causes and appears on  this World and  on the air. I might also include some information about how I become a  Creative Writer and what I think to make this site  so special.

Please let me know if you share my enthusiasm or enjoy this  site!
The Chidren who are innocense  need this generation to protect them more careful behavior,and Extra Alert Mind to do Prevention,Vitality,and Self- Healing when there's no Electric Lights  or doctors.  How to survive if poison food and water spread everywhere... We plan to teach them  before !

Let's use Effective Micro for Green Creative City!
Be my quests !

The Sun of Peace ,People helping People !
Time and Tie wait for no man !

We listen to your Creative Suggestion as well
Contact :
Mobile  :  66 (0) 89 7583945

Creative Writer,ChiangMai,Thailand
Let's join our Vitality Programe !

We were born to persue Perfection!